Accessories for fiber lasers for cutting marking

Laser accessories for cutting sheet metal, profiles and tubes


You can cut round tube and square tube and Right and left weight balance metal shape. the Rotary has different size diameter,it has 160mm and 220mm. We can customize the rotary length according to the needs ,such as 3m and 6m.

Protection Cover

Protection cover can help 1 keep the machine clean,reduce dust from air to the machine body. 2 help operator keep distance with the machine body and avoid be injured by the machine and beam.It is a good choice specially high power laser.

Exchange Table

Exchange table can highten work efficiency by changing table automatically. After cutting one metal plate,the other metal plate can come to ready cutting through exchange table,no need human action. Especially suitable for high power.

Auto focus

Ralse system,adjust the focal length automatically according to the height of the plate.

Laser Head

Swiss Raytools Cyttubg head Anti-collision design,height adjustment high sensitivity.

Raycus Laser Generator

100,000 hours life time more stable and cost-efficient free maintenance.

Yaskawa Servo Motor

1.8KW Yaskawa servo motor low failure high precision high speed.

Water Chiller

Double temperature and double control.

Fume exhaust system

Filtering equipment specializes in the elimination of dusts, fumes and oil fogs, as well as other respiratory harmful particles that float in the air due to laser cutting. During the production and technological processes in production plants, emissions of pollutants such as particulates, gases, vapours and fog often occur.

Accessories for lasers for marking and engraving

50D rotary

1. Suitable for all kinds of inner ring and outer ring marking;
2. Can also be used for flange, dial, holding the cup and all kinds of round objects;(diameter of less than 50)
3. Designed for laser industry, can be directly installed to the laser marking machine worktable;
4. Apply to small, beautiful appearance, never rust;

E69 rotary

1. It is mainly used for bracelet, ring light of short of products;
2. Advantages: strong, hole, not tremble;Rotating disc elastic clamping, fast loading and unloading efficiency.

Chuck rotary

Mainly used in flange, dial, cups, and all kinds of round objects of clamping choose chuck according to work piece diameter.

Belt transmission

Mainly cooperate with equipment to realize the flight on and off a dozen functions.

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